I am in perimenopausal stage and have irregular periods
During Ramadan, i thought i saw some spotting during the same time when i should expect my periods, but due to its nature of showing or flow i denied accepting that its period
I continued with fasting, shabe qadr amaals etc and after fasting 30 days, i realize now that maybe that was my period.
The following months after Ramadan are like regular periods so no confusion now
Please advice how i can undo what i did ignorantly. As per marjah i should have considered it as hayz and wait my normal time of 10 days to become clean again
But i remember that month there was nothing except for that spotting
Also i did not do any ghusl after seeing that spotting

If a woman treats the blood she saw during certain days as Hayz and did not perform her acts of worship and comes to know later that it was not Hayz, she should give Qadha of the lapsed prayers, and fasts, which she left out. And if she perform acts of worship under the impression that the blood is not Hayz but realises later it was Hayz, then the fasts kept in those days will be void and therefore she should give Qadha of those fasts.