I am living in india..I hav joined hostel run by non muslims..I have many doubts and face many problems as i have never living among non muslim community before..1)They change the bed sheet daily and clean the room..should i allow it..?? 2) can i use the common washing machine or will my clothes will become najis as hindus also use the same 3) can i give my clothes to laundry ?? 4) can i give my clothes for dry wash  5 ) i recently gave some clothes to laundry and then when they gave me back i kept them under tap water to make them taahir..Can i do the same as i dont want to wash my clothes ?? 6 ) after giving my clothes to laundry and for dry wash if i put them under sun will they become taahir ?? 7) sun makes all things pure so if i allow non muslims to wash bed sheet and cook food  and then keep under sun.is it ok ?? Will sunlight make food snd sheet pure ??

If the cleaners are non Muslims and using wet clothes to clean the floor of the room then make sure if you step up with your wet feet then it would become najis so in that case use indoor slippers.
For bedsheets if it was washed by non Muslims then you can’t use as long as either bedsheet is wet or your body so in case of use itself bedsheets and your body should be dry.
For Laundry washed clothes if you are 100% sure that it was touched by non Muslims then it would be considered najis otherwise it is Pak.
Sun can’t make any movable things it can only make Pak non movable things like buildings, earth and wall etc. So it can’t make your food stuff and bedsheets or clothes unless you have washed them.
In short the best solution to deal this issue
Keep one or two pairs of clothes separate for your prayers and if you are praying on ground use Musalla. As for as food concern you write a letter to the office of Ayatullah Khamenei (May Allah protect him) on this link www.khamenei.ir and ask special permission for food stuff.