I am planning on InshaA marrying a girl who I met at university. She was not wearing hijab, then started wearing it for one year and now has stopped again. I have had extensive discussions with her but she says that ultimately it is her choice and that I shouldn’t force her. Her methodology is that she struggles with the fact that Hijab’s purpose is to empower women but she feels that by wearing the hijab you are in fact objectifying women by saying that without hijab you actually do not have any power and that all you are is an object.

Anyhow I was wishing for your advice on this matter

This is a very common rhetoric often said by woman who don’t wish to wear the hijab. The most basic question that they often overlook is that hijab has never been a matter of choice. Once you sign to be a Muslim you are admitting total submission to Allah before anything else. Whatever reason or philosophy we may give to others about why a woman should observe the hijab the one thing that we must keep in mind it’s what allah wanted. This kind of argument will lead to a very complicated relationship later on as there will be no compatibility of belief.