I am planning to move to Qom inshallah next year and I’ll be getting married soon so I’ll be coming with my wife there.
I’m want to study in the hawza, so could you please tell me about the hawza structure there will it be University or an actual hawza where I’ll be studying and what are the expenses like will I be covered as i have heard people who go there receive shahriya some amount of money monthly. How much shehriya will i get and will that cover my expenses, or i would have to get a job as well. How much rent monthly can I expect for two people and the other expenses such as groceries bill etc a month. And can my wife also study there at an institute like hawza for girls. Ive tried searching these things online but couldn’t get any information so it would be really appreciated if you could help me out.

Firstly, remember that you're on on the path of serving Islam directly and it is upon Allah to help you get every kind of sustenance, be it knowledge or even worldly. The structure of the hawza is as follows:
The preliminary level (Muqaddamat): Arabic literature, logic, semi-analytical fiqh, and Usul al-fiqh. This takes around 3 to 4 years.
The intermediate level (Sath): Text-based analytical fiqh and usul al-fiqh. Another 2 years.
The advanced level (Kharij lessons) it could take even 10 years depending on how much you would like to advance in the subject.
As for the expenditure, The hawza provides with a student monthly allowance of around 20 dollars for the first years, then it increases to reach around 30. This suffices many students who live very simply.
Other than that there are few other options like eg: You can write or translate books later on or even teach.
All in all, You will go back to your country and serve your community so consider yourself an asset for Islam. If you dedicate yourself to this path, then with the will of Allah, every financial problem can be solved.
Students usually come with some saved capital they have from back home and either keep it in the bank as their savings or spend little by little as they go on. Bills and groceries aren't too expensive if you prefer a simple life. The rent of simple houses are like 100 US or less monthly, with a down payment of maybe 1000 US which you get back when you vacate the house. As for groceries and bills, it could come up to 100 US as well so that comes up to approximately 200 to 250 US monthly depending on your standard of living. People who don't have any capital at hand also survive and are so happy studying with their families. Once you get your resident student visa, your wife can be allowed to study in either Jamia tuz Zahra or Bintul Huda Hawza.
I suggest you be in touch with any seminary student living in your country so that he can give you many other details. Every one has their own experience but All in All, no one regrets being a hawza student even with all the challenges they might face.