I am sending a proxy to perform an optional umrah mufradah & possibly ziyarah on my behalf to attain the blessings of Allah(swt) and I have the following questions.

Question 1:

Do I have to wear an actual ihram in my home when the proxy I hire wears the ihram? I live in Australia and will be in my home at the time. If so, do I have to refrain from all things haram in ihram until the proxy I have hired completes taqseer? e.g. cutting nails? cutting hair, perfume, looking into the mirror etc?

Question 2:
Is it obligatory for me to stay away from my wife i.e stay away from intimacy from the time the proxy puts on the ihram until he performs tawafu nisa or is that rule only for the proxy?

1- Ehram is wajib to wear on someone who is performing umrah on behalf of you not on you and all conditions and restrictions applies on him.
2- Ask him to perform the tawaf un Nisa , if not performed then his wife is haram on him and your wife is haram on you because tawaf u Nisa was not done and umrah is incomplete. But while he is in Ehram it is not wajib on you to stay away from your wife.