I am single parent, husdand expired two years back. I have two daughters studying in school. My monthly salary is 10 k. There is no saving. My brother helps me monthly. Is khums and zakat wajib on my salary or on my savings. What about the amount of life insurance money of my husband do i have to pay khums on that amount ?

Zakat is not wajib on your salary but if you are saving any amount after one year on a specific date which you have assigned for yourself as a khums paying date, then after deduction of your expenses which are in the range of your social and financial status you have to pay khums meaning 20% of the saving amount or other savings like grains etc. The total of the 20% savings will be divided into two equal parts, one of them is sahm e Imam (a.j.) and to be given to any marja or his representative to collect the sahme Imam or any organization having permission from Marja to collect the sahm e Imam and the other part will be given to any needy sayyed.

If you have received insurance money, then after passing one year from the date of receiving, if the money is not spent in your necessary expenses then it has khums to be paid after one year.