I am wondering to know is it in Islam. We were taught this way.
1) When we earn money from work first priority is to give to our parent for their entertainment purpose not for living because they already have what they need and even though we have limit ourselves from such activity?
2) If we dont give some of our earning that is among the cause for or rizq being blocked?
3) I am married with (Number Removed) children earn (income removed) permonth and being highlighted with this issue not give out some to parents that is the cause of poor income. Is it correct? Charity in Allah's way inshAllah, I am in but to give to parents 10 or 20 dollars per month, they are not interested because too little but yet keep on telling people I dont give anything to them. Help me, I am confused.

1- No. It is not wajib.
2- No.
3- No. Except if your parents are in need.