I am working in a reputed company in (removed) as (removed). I have many responsibilities and handling a good position in my company. I have to ask two things as below:
1) Under my job, there are few survey meters from our company’s clients and they didn’t pay us the money for the services provided by our company under my responsibility and hence, they are not collecting their survey meters and as per our company policy, we can’t deliver or release their survey meters without paying for the services.
2) There is by mistake delivered a parcel (a box contains some(removed)) by a courier company to our company address and it was received by my colleague earlier (he left the company) and this box is under my supervision, I tried to contact the same courier company and the actual (real) owner of this parcel (who should receive it), however, no one neither the courier company came to collect it back nor we found the owner.

Regarding both these above questions, what should I do with them as few days after I am going on my annual vacation.

Q1: If they didn't pay then you dont have to deliever them the meters
Q2: Did you try the best available options to find the owner of that parcel. Is there any mark or identity on the box which specify the sender because the office from where the box has been sent should know the senders specifications.