I became Shia many years ago and I come from a Sunni family who are not very open to different opinions. I’ve been doing taqiyyah for years .
I plan on telling them again soon that I am Shia, but I do not know after telling them again, how I should act with them. I am generally nice but one issue that comes up with us is the fact that my family is very closed when it comes to marriage. The man would have to be from Egypt and he has to be of a certain level (class) and even family.
I don’t know how I should act with them after I tell them. Should I pray the way the shias do? Should I insist on going to the masjid and letting them know of other Shia Egyptians.

May the Almighty God make your test easy.
Generally speaking I advise people not to get into the labels. You don’t need to label yourself as Shia or Sunni. Our practices are very similar. Maliki do not fold hands during prayers. You could simply say that you are more comfortable with certain practices and you have done your research on certain rules.

Taqiyah is permissible for both safety and maintaining a good relationship