I belong from a die hard Sunni family and it have been over a year now that I have been closely inspecting Shiasm and it's root and everything and it has attracted me in all manners. Because everything has logic behind everything. Imam Hussain (A.S) has inspired me in every single manner so has lady Zainab (S.A)
I still lack a lot of knowledge about the Ahlul Bayt. I want to embrace this faith which I do but in extreme secret because if I disclose it nobody will support on this and they will cut all my ties linked to the internet the only source I have to obtain my knowledge.

I follow shiasm as much as I can in private for example I do wudhu the Shia way.
Because it's a very small act and nobody will ever notice that, I listen to scholars but that's my limit and I cannot exceed beyond it.
I tried so hard to think and find a way to escape from home and listen to majlis but I couldn't however I listened to them online.

And if you ask me to try to convince my family then that just can't seem to happen because they are so fixated on the fact that shia's are kafir

They start to list down so many misconceptions about them that blood starts to boil because that's not true and saying such things against the Ahlul Bayt makes me want to cry because I'm totally helpless

And things are getting simply worse as each day passes by. I do wudhu the Shia way yet pray in a Sunni way
Because if I pray with my hands open i will only be diverting attention towards me.

How do I get them to love Mola Ali (A.S) ?
How do I get them to accept this fact that it's Ali (A.S) and not Ali (R.A) ?
How do I get them to accept that (A.S) is used not JUST for prophet's and angels?
How do I get them to believe that mourning for Imam Hussain is not a crime?
How do I get them to believe that mourning doesn't last for 3 days?
How do I get them to believe that Shia aqeeda is not out of the boundary of islam and calling out anyone Kafir is a major sin?

Welcome to the Shia faith. If one truly wants to practice Islam, he will surely see the truth in the followers of Ahl bait (a.s). It is a creed where one wants to encourage unity between all the Muslims. Whether they be Shia or any other sect for that matter.
It is a matter of Honor that you're trying all your best as per performing wuzu and other practices according to the Shia way. Infact if you read more about this, you will see perfect logic behind it too and of course with proof from the right sources like Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) and his household.

I recommend you to read books on the site, Al islam.org library. Books like then i was guided, Ask those who Know, peshawar nights etc. Theyre from authors who converted from sunni to shia faith. You will get all your answers and more of you study these books well inshAllah.
Try as much as possible to continue your research and practice it in privacy as much as you can unless you know that your life will be in danger, then you can practice Taqiyya which is hiding your faith in public.
Well you say your family will never accept shiism and theyre die hard followers of their own creed, maybe you should try showing your best behaviour with them in a manner that would impress them to be more attracted to you and maybe tell them on the sideline that all Muslims should.be united for one. Also the fact that the true shia would never talk ill about the sunni. Infact you can take the example of revolutionary leaders like Ayatullah Khumeini who always insisted on unity between all the Muslims. Remind them the sayings of the Holy Prophet about Imam Ali a.s and tell them politely that how comes the Holy Prophet himself loved H. Ali in such a compassionate way and his followers would do otherwise? Radhiallahu ( may Allah be pleased with him) and Alaihi salam (may peace of Allah be with him) should not make much of a difference if they come to.know the status of this great leader.
Maybe you can start by asking whilst pretending to wonder about the questions after researching and giving them food for thought. If they have some unreasonable answers, you can tell them your opinion in a manner that they should not think you've changed your faith. Do as much as you can in subtle ways and leave the rest on Allah. Your efforts will pay for sure. Pray for them and ask Allah to guide them. When you feel bad about what they're saying ill against Shiism, Ask the Almighty to forgive them. Slowly itll take effect.

Do tawassul to the Ahl.bait and ask for their goodness in every way which is what the Shia creed teaches us, ie wanting all the Muslims the blessings and goodness like what they themselves have. Now that you have the light in your heart, I'm sure you also wants your near and dear ones to share this light.
In the end it is only Allah who can give them the Hidaya and it is your work to prepare the grounds by doing dua and acting in the best manner near them.