I broke around 3-4 compulsory fasts…during the month of Ramadhan.

I know I have to pay kaffarah, which is to feed 60 poor people (that’s the easiest option for me amongst all).

My questions are:

1) I don’t remember how many fasts are broken – whether 3 or 4 (I don’t think more than 4 but again I’m not sure)

2) Is it necessary to feed only the poor amongst Shi’a? Can I feed/include the non- Shi’a too?

3) Can I feed the same 60 people over and over again? So for example, if I have to pay kaffarah 4 times, can I feed the same 60 people 4 times over? Or do they have to be different people?

4) What does "poor" in the fatwa mean? Does it mean homeless? Can I include people who are not rich but also not struggling to arrange food themselves?

1) You should pay for the lesser number of days you are as close to certain about – so, in your case, 3
2) It must be 60 poor Shia Muslims
3) Yes
4) A poor person is defined as someone who does not have enough money or ability to cover 1 year of living expense