I came accross this disrepectful image blaming the scholars for their way of wearing the turban. They cite many ahadiths stating that a turban with tabiqhiyyah is the turban of Iblees (la) etc. So I would like to know why the majority of our ‘ulemas wear the turban in this way ? Even if these narrations were to be proven weak by their isnad, is it not better to act upon them by precaution ? Or is there another answer.

We have to examine what “tabiqiyyah” means. One example of it is the way Sunnis wear their turban. The Shia turban has 2 ends, whereas the Sunni one doesn’t, and if you untie the first part it falls apart. Not the Shia one.

Yes it’s highly recommended to have the hanak under the chin while praying or traveling. I’ve seen many scholars do that while praying.