I came across a Hadith attributed to Ameerul Mumineen and wanted to know its status so I could see whether I should ponder over it, here it is in text-

"Kumayl narrates: "I was riding my horse behind Ali ibn Abi Talib. And while he was riding his horse and I am behind him. I called out to him, whats the truth? Imam Ali said sorry. I said what the truth, who are you? He (Imam Ali) looked at me and said what have you got to do with the truth. I said, we you come to the door of bounties it is known that you never turn anyone away. Imam Ali replied, what sprinkles in you, overflows in me. You want to know the truth who I am? You want to know the truth? You think you are close to me and you want to know the truth, you think you know the truth as to who I am? I will tell you what the truth is. The truth is the revelation of the splendor of the divine majesty without a sign. I (Kumayl) said, I don't understand what you mean, tell me more. He (Imam Ali) said it is the defacement of the conjected through the clearing of the known. I (Kumayl) said I don't understand, but continue telling me what is the truth. He said it's the rendering of the veils by the triumph of mystery. I (Kumayl) said tell me more. He (Imam Ali) said it is the divine attraction, but through the apprehension of the known. I (Kumayl) said tell me more. He (Imam Ali) said it's that light of the morning eternity that continues to radiate through the unity of the temples and their disunity. That's who I am. I (Kumayl) did not have a clue as to what he meant. He (Imam Ali) continue riding the horse and I continued riding behind him"

Indeed it’s from Imam Ali (as). It’s worth pondering and reflecting. It highlights on the merits of our beloved Imam Ali (as)