I came across this narration:

Amir Al-Momineen ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib says: “Angels do not even enter a house in which there is wine, drums, tambourines or a flute. Even the prayers of the inhabitants of this house are not accepted. They are deprived of any barakah.” (Wasail ash-Shia)

I have a drum in my house, but it’s for my autistic brother who has to play the drums for his school. What can I do in this case?

Drums have a halal and haram usage. The haram usage is when it is used in entertainment gatherings. The halal usage is when they are used for certain Ashura processions. But in the past, they were mainly used for haram entertainment. If your brother needs the drum for treatment, then that’s fine.

The angels do not enter a house that has a drum if the drum is used for haram entertainment. Secondly, angels not entering such a house could also mean that it’s makrouh to keep it in the room, not that it’s haram.