I came to know if the passing of a very pious 86 year old woman. She missed her fast for the pregnancy of her 9 children. During her lifetime, she kept all her other fast and prayers and also completed her deceased husband’s qaza fasts ( I know that’s not her responsibility, but still.) I have 2 questions.
1) Can you keep fast for another person when you have your own khaza fasts?
2) What are her kids to do now? That would be 270 fasts.
I assume she had a misunderstanding about the make up fast, but who knows now? How should this family proceed?

1- No. Except if it became compulsory upon you, like if you were the oldest male son of your father, and he passed with missed fasts.
In such case, you have the choice, either to makeup your own fasts first, or your father's.
2- They do not have to do any thing. However, it is recommended that they makeup the missed fasts on her behalf, or to hire someone to do so.