I came to know that if birth mother & wife dies & husband have a money for one kaffan, it needs to be provided to wife not the mother. The question comes here the the wife was under my guardian so i have to provide her what about the right of mother who fed & bore me 9 months? Where did this hadith goes that even you serve her for the whol life you can’t repay the pain she bore while the man was in her womb

Anyway, I read a hadith where some asked Rasool Allah (S) that can my father use my money when needed, Rasool(S) replied you & your existence is from Your father. He owns everything you own. When this was shared with my wife it was refuted that no it’s not the case rather wife comes first.

To my limited knowledge the rights of parents are above everything yet wife needs to treated with justice.

Each has their own rights and there should be no injustice in giving each the wife and the pats ya their own rights.

In any given scenario both should be treated with justice and no encroachment should be committed to the rights if each.