I can't remember which imam.
i heard in a lecture that one of our twelve imam's said ,. there will be two types of scholars , ulma e su and ulma e haqqa .
can you explain please

Sheikh Nuri al Tabarasi:

Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) said to Abi Hashim: "O Aba Hashim, a bad time will come upon the people. Their faces would be happily laughing, and their hearts dark and gloomy, the sunnah in them (would be) bidah, and the bidah in them (would be) sunnah.

The momin (believer) between them would be worthless, and the fasiq (sinner) between them honourable, their rulers would be ignorant oppressors, and their scholars (would be present) in doors of darkness, their rich would be looting the belongings of the poor, and their young ones would be stepping ahead of their old ones, and every ignorant near (for) them would be knowledgeable, and every imposter near them would be faqir, there wouldn't be any distinction between sincere and the skeptical (bad aqidah people), they won't recognize the sheep from the wolves.

Their scholars would be the evilest creatures upon the face of Earth, for indeed they would be inclined towards philosophy and Sufism, and by Allah (swt) indeed they're from people of ilhad (crossing boundaries/limits) and tahreef (distortion), doing exaggeration in love of our opponents, and misguiding our Shias and Mawalis.

If they're placed in an official position they won't be satiated with bribes, and if taken (power taken back) they would worship Allah (swt) upon showing off, indeed they would not be but robbers of the path of believers, and callers to be limit crossers/atheists, so whoever finds/comes across them so should protect themselves and safeguard their religion and faith".

Then (Imam) said: "O Aba Hashim, this is what I heard from my father (a.s), from his forefathers Ja'far b. Muhammad (a.s), and it's from our secrets, so hide it except from its capable."

Source : Mustadrak al-Wasa'il. Vol. 11, Pg. # 380