I cannot afford any therapy, which means there are no solutions for people like me in Islam? I did not choose to be gay. Even I don’t practise homosexuality, but I am not sure if I could resist myself further, because sex is a part of life, for that marriage is the only way, but I cannot marry because I am gay. I cannot practise homosexuality because it is sin. I cannot suicide because it is a sin too. Where should I go? And I cannot tell that girl that I am gay, she will spread it and tell everyone that he is gay, which I don’t want.

1- Be patient. There are people who are born with disabilities and suffer an entire lifetime. What’s the solution for them?

2- Do temporary marriage. She doesn’t have to know you are gay. When you cannot resist sexual urges, release that urge in a halal way with a girl. Even if you are not attracted to her, you can still release your sexual desires.

3- See if you can reduce your testosterone or other hormones. See if there is an inexpensive way to do it.

In the meantime, please search for a good therapist. I do know a few brothers who were homosexual and through therapy they changed. I’m not claiming that therapy works for everyone, but it works for some, so it’s worth it for you to try it.