I can’t prove Judaism wrong and its making me scared.
There are some who believe in the day of judgement.

Can you help me? With verses or anything else please.

We don’t say that Judaism is wrong. Allah sent it as a religion. But then later Allah sent Jesus (a) and Mohammad (s) to complete the ultimate religion of Allah.

Some points about modern Judaism:

1- There are very little references to the Day of Judgment in the Old Testament. There isn’t really a mention of heaven and hell. Why is that? When it’s such an important fate, how come there aren’t verses in the Old Testament that talk about it?

2- The Old Testament describes many prophets in shameless ways: they committed adultery, they got drunk, they had no shame, etc… This is not acceptable

3- In Judaism, who is the successor of previous Prophets? Who is the final prophet? Who is the guide who guides people? God would leave people without a guide for thousands of years?

4- Judaism considers Jesus a liar and an impostor, and having an illegitimate birth. When we know he was one of the greatest prophets.

And many other points.