I currently take medicines for anxiety and depression. I was in a bad phase. Medicines helped me a lot. But Now my problem is spiritual. I have lost hope of everything. I don't believe the best will happen. My heart is filled with despair. I used to have a bit of baseera, but now that's gone too. I definitely don't doubt God, but since I've been unwell for so long, I don't believe things will get better. Now the main problem why I think all this is spiritual is because my head is filled with whispering of the Shaitan. I have a constant battle going on in my head where I'm debating to myself if what I'm doing is right or wrong. Dimagh main khayaalaat ki jangg horahi hai. I'm super conscious of everything. Main decide nahin karpaaraha k logoon se baat kese karni hai. Shaitan wolf ka bhaiss pehen k zehn main ulti baat karta hai, aur main jhaggra karraha hota hoon zehen main hee.
I read a dua by Imam Naqi (AS) for the whispering of the Shaitan, aur kaafi dinn mera dimagh bohot clear raha, aur naa hee koi zehen main negative khiyaalat aaye. Bilkul positive tha main. Lekin ye problem ab phir shuru hogaya hai. Ye masla hai. Namazain waghaira sab parrhta hoon main, Qur'an sunnta hoon, wo koi masla nahin.Koi amaal batayein jiss se theek hojaye ye aur mera dimagh relax hojaaye

Many youth go throug such problems you r not alone and many of them have overcome such so do not give up hope. They used to recite Sura Naas day and night as much as possible so I will strongly recommend you to do the same. It will be over InshAllah.