I deal with alot of body pain. Sometimes my pain gets too much that I can’t even pray or take care of my child. I am under treatment but it’s not getting anywhere. My question is even though I feel bad about this, I feel like I am mad at God. I don’t have that right but I really cannot take it anymore. It seems like the more I pray, the worse it gets with everything. The night I pray with tears for a cure and wakeup morning with another pain. Is Allah punishing me? Is Allah mad at me? What’s something I can do for some relief islamically. Are there certain aamal or duas I can perform? Sometimes I can’t even do that because my body is in so much pain, does Allah accept worship through duas and not actual namaz because I can’t do namaz? Please let me know. I know hopelessness is a sin but at this point I have no choice but to feel hopeless.

Here are my thoughts/recommendations:

1- When it comes to Namaz, of performing it causes you physical pain, then you don’t have to put yourself in pain. You should pray in a manner that doesn’t cause you pain. If doing ruku and sujud causes you pain, you don’t have to do them. You can simply stand towards Qiblah and pray, then when for Ruku you lower your head a little and say the Dhikr, then for Sujud you lower your head a little more. If standing is painful, you can sit. If sitting is painful you can lie down and pray. So you must still do Namaz, but you can choose a way that doesn’t cause you pain.

2- Allah is not angry or mad at you. But this is your trial. Through trials God gives us an opportunity to elevate our status and strengthen out spirituality. God is our coach and a good coach pushes his players to the limit not because he is mad at them but because he is training them. Allah will compensate you for every bit of suffering. Please see it that way.

3- I recommend the following to help treat your pain from a religious perspective:

One: Read this Dua everyday:


Two: pray 2 rak’as any time of day then when you finish gift it to Imam Zaman (a) and ask him to intercede for you and ask Allah to alleviate your pain. This prayer does wonders.

Three: have Hadithe Kisaa be recited on 7 dates, then eat one date each day for 7 consecutive days

Four: put your hand on the areas of pain and recite this Dua three times:

الله الله الله ربي حقاً لا أشرك به شيئا،
اللهم أنت لها ولكل عظيمة ففرجها عني

Five: recite this dua:

“Allahomma inni atawajjahu ilayka bi nabiyyika nabiyyil rahma wa ahle baytihi-lladheena khtartahom ala ilmin alal alameen. Allahomma dhallel li so'obataha wa huzunataha wakfini sharraha fa innakal kafil mo'afi wal ghalibol qaher."

It basically means you are turning to Allah through the Prophet and his family and you are asking Allah to ease this situation and relieve you from it.

Don’t give up. It’s a difficult trial, but you will make it. Allah will help you through it, and I will keep you in my prayers.