I desperately want to know that what should I do or how can I make my wujood (my existence) my qalb Noorani.
Like when I see some great people like scholars and people with high status, there is something so beautiful in their qalb and wujood and because of that they have a unique attraction in their personality.

Some recommendations:

1- Try to avoid as many sins as you can. Sins darken the heart

2- Try to observe Salat al Layl. It illuminates the heart

3- Work on your heart to remove any jealousy from it. Don’t be bothered by the success of anyone. Remind yourself that Allah gave them that success, and so be happy with what Allah gave them.

4- Don’t see yourself better than anyone. See everyone around you as being better than you.

5- Avoid any haram food or food that is doubtful.

6- Read the Qur’an for at least 10 minutes everyday.

7- Don’t hold any grudges against others.

8- Recite Ziyarat Ashura everyday, and also Dua al-Ahd.

9- Don’t be too focused on getting that noor. Be focused on pleasing Allah (and He will give you the noor).

These steps grant a person Noor Insha’Allah.