I do a deliveryman job and there is only one shia masjid in our whole city so its not possible for me to pray in our masjid or at home. Can I pray in sunni masjid in their sunni format because they won't allow us in the masjids if we pray in our style. Should I pray on time or go home later and pray in our style. I cant pray at the exact time so can I delay the namaz or should I pray in sunni masjid on time?

You can wait and pray at home so long as the Namaaz is not qaza. However, if it will be Qaza, then you pray in the Sunni mosque with the intention of “Furada”, meaning, you will recite your Fatiha, sura and all the zikrs. You don’t have to fold your arms as not all the Sunni do that. Get a Tasbeeh made up of clay to prostrate on.