I don't remember quite yet but since the past 3 years I been committing a sin that is very bad. After 2 and a half year I find out that it was a great sin and haraam so I pushed myself and stopped doing it and started doing repentance. Now things have gotten dark I can't control myself as I could before. I am trying my best not to commit this sin but I am failing I have tried everything taken every advice but nothing is helping me I want to develop myself but I am failing. What should I do now, how should I control myself to not to commit this and because of this sin I have fallen bad into my studies. I also attented majalis of Aba Abdillah (a.s) and prayed to Allah to help me get rid of this sin but I think help is too far away. I haven't losen my hope in him as losing hope in Allah is a greater sin. The sin that I am committing is masturbation and watchin pornography.

Firstly it’s very good that you feel you have wronged and you want to stop.

Allah is all merciful. He will forgive you. You must believe this. But this act is damaging you badly. It’s worse than poison. Your future will be very negatively affected because of it.

Please watch this clip I did. Also another clip on pornography. You need to do what is recommended. Practice it and reward yourself with halal if you don’t do the haram. You must busy yourself as boredom makes you think of haram. Ultimately maybe marry temporary or permanent to save yourself and your religion. But don’t give up as Shaitan wants you to give up