I dont know whether I am in depression or not but i loses all my interest in my life. I am trying very hard to wake up in fajr but sometime i woke up and more time I was not able to wake up. I lost my way of my career. I want to cry for Imam Hussain a.s as hard as possible but I couldnt cry like other momineens. Please suggest me some ways to overcome these.

To help you overcome your feelings of depression, here are some tips that inshAllah may benefit you:
– Create order in your life
– Have a routine for yourself and a schedule for your day
– Motivate yourself
– Do things for yourself regularly
– Keep exercise as part of your routine
– Go for walks
– Do something for recreation regularly

When you go for Imam Hussain, don't compare yourself to others. Try and ponder and understand the reasons of Imam Hussain's uprising, understand Imam Hussain himself. If one cries more, does that mean they love the Imam more? Don't compare yourself with others at all. Understand yourself first and connect to the Imam. As humans, sometimes we feel closer to something/someone and sometimes this closeness is not as strong. Sometimes a person may not have the mood to go for ziyarat or go for example to a majlis. Whenever you feel like going to the majalises, go on those days.

I would also advise you to visit a psychologist who can help and advice you within the bounds of religion and akhlaq (give you advise which is compatible with the faith). If depression stays within a person for long, it will have it's own consequences and problems. If you have another problem that is the basis of you feeling depressed, then it would be best to solve that problem first and InshAllah the other problem will get solved. Visiting a psychologist along with counselling from the experts may help you more in indentifying the cause and they may refer you to medications that would be appropriate for you.