I feel afraid to pray tahajud as I am the only one who is awake and everyone is sleeping. I heard unmarried girls should not pray tahajud everyday as jin may fall for you and can cause problems with marriage.
Will 3 Surah qul 3 times each and ayat Al qursi 3 times be sufficient to be protected from anything

The issue of jinns falling for a person who recites salatul layl and causing problems in marriage are all superstitions.

Tahajjud brings blessings. We have narrations that praying tahajjud brightens ones face and heart (nur).

These superstitions that people want to say, these words that they say are in reality shaytani. Give lanat on shaytan, stand up and pray tahajjud. Nothing will happen. Allah is the protector because you would be carrying out a mustahab act and troubles would be driven away from you. Insha'Allah you achieve success. If you're afraid to get up from your bed, keep some water next to you, do wudhu and pray your tahajjud while you are on your bed.