I feel high imaan and as I pray and read quraana nd listen to scholars at home and try my best to stay connected to Allah. But as i move out of my residence and engage myself with my friends and surroundings I feel less imaan and remember Allah little. Is it a sign of weak imaan? Also I get a lot of kufriya waswase and random bad thoughts as well but instantly I ask for Allah's regufe from such thoughts and keep doing astaghfar. Please help me to know is it really signs of low imaan or its just waswase of shaytaan?

As long as you always revert back to allah and ask for istighfar you are doing fine. This is your test in life so keep positive thinking engaged and always remember Allah much. Best remembrance is to ask Allah for forgiveness. As for when you go out, I think you need to rethink what sort of friends you are associating with if you don’t feel they help you remember Allah much. Friendship is about consolidating one another on the path of truth and IMAN but if your friends are not ones that help you promote your faith further then you should think again about who you want to hang out with.