I feel like a lot of Shia communities have put the Ahlulbayt above Allah SWT.
There are more poetry reciters than Quran reciters, and a lack of Hafiz. There is more emphasis on Latmiyat than Salah.
I’ve spoken to many elders about my health issues and the first thing they tell me is to ask the Ahlulbayt for help, not even mentioning Allah SWT.
and many more examples.

Is this an issue do you think? am I the only one feeling like this?

Why are people ready to serve the Ahlulbayt without hesitation but not willing to put the same energy and effort in worshipping our creator Allah SWT, or to learn/memorise his words from the holy Quran?

It goes without saying that Shia love Allah above all and that reverence and respect for His word supersedes everything. However, I think you are correct in saying that some Shia give more time to poetry and ritual behavior than worship and learning from the Quran. (Solution is) more emphasis on learning the holy Quran and greater time spent on it than other things. Unfortunately, this will require the efforts of parents, teachers and scholars, and a change in culture, which is not easy.