I feel lost in life with no purpose, feeling disconnected from everyone, lost my confidence. I feel no pleasure and joy in life. Much of time I feel like I am acting and my soul is lost. What can I do?

. I recommend the following:

1- Remember that Allah, who created the universe, created you. You are the work of God, so don’t underestimate yourself. Through his wisdom he decided to create you. Let this thought inspire you to have purpose.

2- Seek knowledge. Knowledge truly enriches the soul and gives you a sense of purpose. I recommend you take online seminary classes (such as the classes offered by hujjahseminary.com).

3- Before you sleep, do sujud and say 100 times (with a deep breath each time): subhana rabbial a’la wa be hamdeh. And then before falling asleep say 100 times “la ilaua illa allah” with a deep breath. This will significantly help.

4- Sponsor an orphan

5- If you have long term depression, see a trusted therapist who has good reviews.

6- Change your daily routine, create a new schedule, and keep yourself as busy as you can.

7- Recite Ziyarat Ashura daily.

A combination of these will help you significantly Insha’Allah