I feel so grateful that Allah showed me the path to Shia, but at the same time sometimes I feel like I am better than them.

Is it permissible to think or feel that way? I feel like it is an arrogance, and sometimes i feel like i become judgemental

How to beat this?

On the one hand, be honored and humbled that Allah has shown you the right way. Be infinitely thankful to him, and realize the gift he has given you.

But on the other hand, don’t feel you are better than others, even if others are on different paths. What if I deviate last minute? What if I fail my trial and God doesn’t forgive me and forgives them? What if they are guided last minute before they die and they are forgiven? A believer always considers these possibilities. So he happy that Allah guided you, and that you can see the flaws in what they believe in, but still feel humbled and that without God’s blessings you can lose your faith.