I feel very shameful to tell you about this but I’ve a boyfriend who is a Hindu guy and due to my sexual feelings we have kissed each other many times, held each other’s hands and now our relationship has become so deep that even he’s asking me for a sexual intercourse. Whatever mistakes I’ve made were just out of my pleasure and the feelings that have been aroused in me but now I’ve understood that it’s a big sin and maybe I won’t get forgiveness on the day of judgment but still I want to repent my sins and seek Allah’s forgiveness. My relationship with him is still not over yet. Please give me some solution regarding my this problem. I know I did blunder but I want to repent everything. Please help me I don’t want to indulge myself in any sexual intercourse from now on, please grant me a solution

Please try and repent a genuine repentance and seek forgiveness from the heart. Also you would need to evaluate your life and your personal goals for your spiritual growth. Adultery and committing these sins is indeed a very grave sin. Please try and rethink of your life and how you can go back to Allah swt. Please keep yourself busy with religious deeds and study more on Islam. Have good noble friends who will remind you of Allah swt. Seek help from religious scholars and listen to lectures that will help you and guide you. Please do not indulge in this sin. It will kill you internally.