I found a person who said that masoomeen a.s are the god and create everything. And he also said we should go to the temple instead of Imambargah or mosque. Even his followers believe that he is imam Mahdi. They offer sujud in the front of him and he now preaches all the data which he get from Imran liaqat Hussain. And he warns his follower that don’t go to shia scholars because they are muqasir. So can you help me. I’m so confused and its not a forgettable issue

Alhumdulillah as you mentioned that something he is saying which is neither understandable nor acceptable.
Who will ask you not to listen to your own Shia scholar, who ask you to go to temple and above all astaghferullah he claimed himself as Imam Mahdi as.
Kindly keep distance. May Allah guide him.