I get very bad thoughts on some people similar like enemy that I’m hitting them very badly & they are simply coming to fight me or giving me a reason to fight with them. So how to get rid out of this thoughts while praying it comes and takes away my concentration in namaz. But I actually dont want to have a fight.

Apart from prayers also I get these kind of thoughts what do I do? is shaitan playing with me?

When you pray concentrate on what you are reading. Pray with full focus on the hearse after paradise and hell fire and how you can avoid it and work hard to be in paradise.

You are stronger than Shaitan. Shaitan can only whisper, he has no other means to influence your thoughts. Thus do not sit idle and always occupy yourself with something useful such as studies, remembrance of Allah, recital of Quran, watching documentaries, watching Islamic movies or nohas. Bottom line do not surrender to such thoughts.