I got a job offer of content moderation. In this job I have to verify and approve content(posts, photos, videos etc) before they are posted on the social media. If the content is ethical and doesn't violate the guidelines then it is allowed to post it but if it violates the community guidelines then it has to be disapproved and removed. So in this job it is very likely that I will encounter with posts, pictures and videos containing violance, drug use, pornography, nudity etc. So I have to disapprove such posts and prevent them from getting posted on the social media for better user experience. So my question is that is this a halal job? Because I will have to see things like pornography and nudity before dissaproving them. Should I take this job or should I avoid it because I'm confused if it's halal or haram.

If you do it with the intention of amr bilmarouf and nahi an al munkar you can, otherwise no