I got married last year, and my parents gifted my 468 grams of gold and my in laws gifted me around 100 grams of gold. My parents believed that this makes hajj wajib on me. So before I got married, they told my in laws that they will pay for my hajj. My in laws agreed. Now after my marriage, my in laws are saying that it doesn’t look suitable to accept money from girls parents. My husband asked them, will you pay the amount required for hajj then? They said no. My husband then asked, you are not allowing her parents to pay, and you dont want to pay, then how will she do hajj? They said, ask her to sell her gold and go. My husband is not financially very stable because we both are quite young (23 years). We live with his parents and my father in law takes care of all the house expenses. What is my duty in this situation?

You do not need to sell your gold to become obligated for Hajj. Moreover, if you and your husband do not have the earnings to afford it then it is not obligatory (at the moment).