I got married not long ago, when an argument happens or a problem arises and it affects my wife, she becomes angry to the point that she doesn’t know what’s coming out of her mouth, then starts treating me like I’m a stranger, giving me silent treatment and not talking to me for hours on end until I lose my patience and also react.

Is this something normal? Do I just need to be more patient and swallow my anger and pride?

Marriage requires patience, sometimes more from one spouse than the other, and Rasulallah has stressed that husband’s should be merciful to their wives. But lack of control, abuse and mistreatment that are ongoing is not good, hence sometimes we need to seek help if it is not improving. Thus, communicate openly with her and express how you feel when she does this, and ask her to work on the relationship with you.

If the problems in a marriage don’t get better then that’s when you might consider counseling or help from an expert because sometimes there are underlying issues