I got married (removed) years . I had no plans of getting married yet I wanted to do my further studies and learn to take responsibilities and get mentally prepared for it but my (removed) and (removed) convinced for over removed that they want me to get married so they can make me study further and continue my profession. Since I was a (removed) year old i wanted to be a good profession and establish a social cause . I wanted to do my studies and have savings and do the same . They promised me a lot of things that i will be having no responsibilities of them for few years and its no problem that I don't know how to do things. The day I got married from the very first day they made me do everything. I have a problem that I cannot tolerate heat my nose bleeds very badly in heat and huge clots start coming out and I'm already anemic . We are in an (removed) country and its very hot here. They made me cook outside the house in that heat everyday. Despite the promises they had made they broke all of them and my (removed) who happens to be my (removed) too was very rude to me ordering me around to do stuff . My husband never supported me . I was all alone in this strange country my family and parents are not here . I remained patient . But now I’m (removed) month pregnant they still make me do everything and are getting no help though they are Alhamdulillah doing well and are rich and had promised would get help because we live in a joint family and it all gets too much for me . They still don't and my in laws said it several times on my face that she will not let me do my studies because the only reason she got me married to his son was she wanted someone to take care of her all day long and do stuff. My husband has become violent and while i was pregnant hit me several times . I have to go buy myself food everyday during my pregnancy in this heat alone . I am alone all day long and at night also my husband doesn’t come mostly. I have fallen into clinical depression and am not happy with this relationship. They keep insulting my parents and family openly for no reason. For the last whole year I have cried myself to sleep everyday all alone . I don’t want my child to go through all this alone . I am sick and they don’t take me to the doctor. And they call my family members back in my country and lie about me to them that I don’t do anything and keep relaxing all the time and they accuse me and my family of wrong things . My inlaws also misbehaves with me a lot and says things like he will kill me and humiliates my parents and grand parents. My inlaws tells me things like we will send you to your home and never call you back and then you can cry for the rest of your life and teaches her son things like these .I don’t see the point of continuing with the people who are far far away from the religion of islam and people I don’t trust and am scared of. I don’t trust my husband he keeps lying to me. Also I found in his phone him texting so many girls and those were not very decent messages .
I don’t feel like continuing with these people . Please help me and please don’t tell me be to be more patient I have tried my best but since my parents are dragged and humiliated I am unable to forgive them. May allah be with all of us.

Sister I’m really disappointed reading your sad words. As you said that you have already tried to have good relationship with but it doesn’t work. As per Islamic Shariya concern in such situation you have only option that is to get divorce but this divorce would be a “ Khula” it means you will not supposed to get any Mahr money from your Husband if he has not paid it before. Also you can’t get divorce unless you give birth to your child. So you have to wait up the rest of your pregnancy time then you have to take any decision. But as you said in such situation they will not let you go to your parents therefore, first of all you have to manage anyhow to join with your parents and to your own country otherwise you can’t do anything legally in their country. So tell your parents your final decision and tell them about the situation and ask them to help you. I pray Allah (swt) help you and protect you from any harm.
If you have any question you may ask.