I had 2 questions:

1) is it permissible to play those claw games where you put in money and watch the claw try to pick up a stuffed animal? Sometimes it drops it, sometimes it succeeds and you get the stuffed animal.

2) Is the coin pusher game allowed? This is how it works: "machine has two trays completely filled with coins. The upper tray slides back and forth and the bottom tray is fixed. You insert a coin, which drops onto one of the trays, and if you’re lucky it’ll get pushed into the stack of coins, causing one or more to spill over the edge and be returned to you."

If there is some sort of a skill that one could implement to try and win, and what he pays is the prize to participate then it’s fine. If however, I want to game of gambling where there is no skill, and it’s simply a matter of luck where many people participate in some win, which is through the loss of others then it’s not fine