I had a miscarriage on 20/11/2021 for 9 to 10 days. My bleeding was haidh as there is no fetus features formed. I did ghusl on 30/11/2021 or 1/12/2021. Then i had bleeding from 11/12/2021 to 16/12/2021 these days are near my normal habit days but it is within the 15 day purity. Again now i have slight spotting from yesterday (26/12/2021) stopped then then the next i saw again once. Then saw spotting after 2 days(29/12/2021). Its very light than spotting again . My spotting now is haidh or istihaadha? Can i pray? Must i take ghusl every i dont see spotting? or wait?

1- The blood you saw from Dec 11 to 16 is haydh, because it’s at least 3 days, and more than 10 days has passed since blood had stopped and you did the ghusl.

2- The current spotting you are seeing is istehadha, so you must pray, and no need for ghusl unless the spotting turns into medium bleeding then you’d need one ghusl per day