I had a question about Uber Drive. I’ve moved to (removed) and drive uber to provide for my family. My question is when driving uber we don’t know if the person is going to be dropped at a club or liquor store to drink. I’m unaware because when we select the ride we don’t know were the person would be dropped. Is that allowed as income and secondly when picking up a ride we pick some from walmart.If he purchased alcohol from there and I drop him to his location is that money and ride allowed for me or is it not?

If it was not in your knowledge and if purpose was not said then you may drop him and same picking up the person from stores like walmart and it is not in your knowledge that he purchased the alcohol because it is a store where food stuff and other stuffs they are selling.
But yes if a customer came from alcohol shop and carrying alcohol bottles in this situation it will be help in haram act.