I had a question I am a female and whenever I look at photos and if the person maybe wearing revealing clothing or in any case looking at the opposite gender I feel a tingle in my private part or as it gets maybe hard. Do I have to take ghusul janabah because of this?

1- No that does not require you to make any ghusl.

2- What is required for ghusl is if a female experiences an orgasm. If she has an orgasm and fluid is discharged she must do ghusl. But if it’s just a tingling feeling, or just a little moisture is discharged, ghusl is not required.

This is what Sistani says:

السائل الخارج من مهبلها عندما تبلغ الشهوة الجنسية ذروتها بحكم السائل المنوي في الرجل سواء في حال النوم أو في حال اليقظة

And he also says:

وأمّا المرأة فهي وإن لم يكن لها منيّ بالمعنى المعروف إلّا أنّ السائل الخارج منها بما يصدق معه الإنزال عرفاً بحكم المنيّ فيما إذا اقترن ذلك بوصولها إلى ذروة التهيّج الجنسي (الرعشة)، بل وإن لم يقترن بذلك على الأحوط لزوماً، دون البلل الموضعي الذي لا يتجاوز الفرج ويحصل بالإثارة الجنسيّة الخفيفة فإنّه لا يوجب شيئاً

Basically he says the fluid that is discharged during sexual climax or orgasm requires ghusl, but if the discharge is minimal and it’s not accompanied with an orgasm then it’s not considered najes nor does it require ghusl. His understanding is that it has to do with the Urf (common perception) of what constitutes ejaculation. He says if the Urf considers this discharge ejaculation, then ghusl is required (based on obligatory precaution) even if it’s not accompanied by an orgasm. But if the discharge is minimal and the Urf does not consider it an “ejaculation” then ghusl is not required.