I had a question regarding prayers. Ever since I was young I've been hearing that not praying = hell. I'm a youth living in the west, I try my best to be a really good person in all aspects but I'm having extremely difficulty praying. I don't understand how non Muslims can be at a good standing if they are good human beings but as a Muslim being a good person is not sufficient because by not praying I'm not able to accumulate any thawaab. I'm very confused and this often pushes me away from religion. Please help me out

The purpose of life is to connect with Heaven, Earth and Human beings.

Heaven here means , Allah and hence the emphasis on the importance of prayers within religions. It’s not enough to connect with only human beings and earth. Connecting with our maker is crucial and central to any other connection. You will definitely get reward by being a good to people. However is that enough? Something to think about.

Common sense dictates that we should always be grateful to those who are good to us.

Allah is the Most Generous and Salat is the means of being Grateful to Him. Salat is also a means of peace and tranquility as well as communicating with our Creator.

In conclusion, we all have the following needs in life;

1. Intellectual needs – knowledge etc
2. Physical needs – food, house etc
3. Social needs- being good human to others, marriages etc
4. Spiritual Needs – Salat, fasting etc

We need to try take care of the above needs. Therefore, Salat is crucial