I had a questions regarding the timeline/history of religion. I have been told and upon very brief research that Islam is the youngest major religion in the world. I am a firm believe and have been all my life. Apparently Judaism was establish hundreds of years prior, as well as Christianity. I was watching a lecture and I’m pretty sure I heard that prophet Abraham pbuh was one of the monotheists. Is there any justification on what people were believing prior to prophet Muhammad pbuh and the Quran? The life of the prophets prior to Muhammad pbuh, like Musa and Abraham. Was it not mainly monotheists prior to Muhammad pbuh. Also, Judaism and Islam are extremely similar (80%), why is it that Islam was established centuries after.

Islam is regarded as a message that completed Judaism and Christianity. That is why it comes last. It is the final update.

All of the prophets who were sent by God had the same message, since the source was one.

Islam is a continuation of Judaism and Christianity because it builds upon what was already taught by the previous prophets. The Previous prophets told their people that there will be a prophet who will come at the end of times and he will complete the faith, referring to RasulAllah. This is why several tribes of Jews and Christians settled Arabia to anticipate the new prophet. When he came many accepted him and many rejected out of arrogance.