I had all my life always been treated very good by my brother, so had my mother by her father. I never been aware of misogynist mentality. Recently I got a social circle and colleges. I realized more about how men think. I always been treated with respect and my brother respect women so this choked me. Everyone in my circle is Muslim men. I am also trying to become closer to deen recently. That’s why I have to know the real view on women in Islam. What are women’s function and do they deserve respect enough to be involved in decisions. I constantly hear equal rights etc in this country and as a response Muslim men here reacts on that. “All prophets were men” “women are emotional, they can’t be trusted” “women should know their place” “good women don’t divorce after husbands cheats”. “Men are both psychically and mentally stronger than women”. I am willing to accept no matter what but I am asking here to get to know the truth.. Can it have an effect they follow another school of Islam “hizbu tahrir”?. I wish to know what Islam say about this so I can have peace in my mind every time I experience this. I don’t believe that I should be respected less because I am a woman.

Some thoughts:

1- Hizbul Tahrir do no follow the teachings of Ahlulbayt (a), so we don’t agree with their assessment.

2- Unfortunately there are many misogynist men out there, and the cause is culture not religion.

3- If you want to know about the place of women in Islam, look at the Prophet (s) and his family. See how they treated their women. The Prophet loved Khadija. She was an independent businesswoman who was very successful. He respected her and always remembered her after she died. He would cry.

So how he treated his daughter Fatima. He would stand up for her and show her utmost respect. This is the true Islam.

Islam respects women and considers them equals to men. They are not inferior. Yes, there are some laws that are different because men and women have biological and psychological differences, so some laws are different (like hijab and inheritance). We call this separate but equal. So don’t listen to these men. The Qur’an respects women and promises them the same reward/status as it does for men if they believe and do good deeds.