I had asked a question about pre recitation for ourselves like certain suras like Sura e Baqara, Sura e Yasin, Sura e Mulk, Wird e Durood e shariff, Whole Qur'an, Jaushan al Kabeer and Sagheer, Dua e adeela. Please can you advice me that what else is supposed to be recited and is it permissible that we can do it for someone else too like my daughter wants to do for her father but he is alive. As for recitation in installments too for its hard to recite all in one go

1- Yes it is recommended to recite those Suras on the Kafan. I also recommend writing Ziyarat Ashura on the Kafan.

2- Yes you can do it for someone else like your father or any other believer.

3- The recitation can be done in installments.