I had questions about trading:

1) Can you trade options
2) Can you trade future contracts
3) Can you trade companies dealing with vaccines and medicines
4) Can you trade with companies dealing with genetics
5) Can you trade with companies deadline with car manufacturing and selling but they have finance options and lease options hence they could be making money with interest

1-2: Basically, my understanding is that options trading would be halal. It’s halal because with options trading you’re basically paying a premium to a broker to reserve the stocks for you, then when the time comes you decide whether to buy the stocks or not. And it’s not haram to pay a broker to reserve stocks for you. As for future contracts, if the buying/selling is being conducted now, but the product/payment will be delivered in the future, then it’s halal.

3- Yes
4- Yes, as long as they are not engaging in harmful projects or immoral projects
5- As long as you are not dealing directly with interest and you are not directly investing on interest based transactions then it’s ok.