I had some queries regarding my four month old. Since he is on exclusive formula fed, I guess I have to follow the same rules as adults for taharat from urine that is wash once with Kurr water except in the case of body and clothes. Wanted to know does clothes include other forms of materials like sheets/towels/baby blankets and wraps etc or just one wash is sufficient since they are materials but not used as a means of clothing?
Also as for gifts received by toddlers especially cash, how do I utilise it for the little one? How about those gifts that he has outgrown? Can we sell them and use the cash for his other needs or rather can we give it to charity? Since it belongs to the child how about do I go with it?

Everything that becomes najis with urine, washing it once is enough. As per Ayatullah Sistani, washing it the second time is based on ihtiyat e wajib (obligatory precaution) however you can refer to Ayatullah Khamenei and other maraje who say washing it once is enough.

In regards to gifts given to the child, under the supervision of the father, it can be used for the child or in any other way you see fit so you can sell it or whatever else you find best