I had the habbit of masterbation. I couldn't control it, and after 14 days in the month of ramazaan, I masterbated. However, I had an intention that I will masterbate but not ejaculate, and ejaculation happened eventually even though I did not had the intention to masterbate, I then watched some videos and found out that I have to carry on with my fast and do not break it. I sincerely repented afterwards, and then I did not perform the qada, now I remember about it, do I still have to perform qada or give kaffara as well. My intention was to only Masterbate but not ejaculate, however ejaculation took place, do I still need to give kaffara or just qadha?

Qadha is required but not kafarra in this case. You should turn away from this action and turn towards Allah. When we are fasting it is not only refraining from food and drink but also we fast with our eyes, ears, tongue and limbs by staying away from those things Allah would disapprove of.