I have 4 questions
1) My belief is : Tawheed and Nabuwat , Maad and Adl and belief in Imamat of 12 Imams and believe that only followers of 12 Imam as will be in Jannah and rest will be in Jahannam. Please correct in this belief if am wrong

2. Some people don't know second khalif but loves Ali as and at the same time and dont hate ahle bayt as but also dont follow Ali as without bila fasl meaning Imam Ali as first Imam. Is chances person like this can go to Jannah?

3) We believe in 73 sects hadees that 72 will be in Jahannam and 1 only 1 will be in Jannat. To have this belief and that group is followers of Ali as, is it correct to have such belief and teach our childrens such aqaed

4 ) I personally behave very nice and do social ittehaad with my non muslim / sunnis / wahabis neighbors/ collegues etc but i also have clear understanding that if they die on the faith without recognition of our Imam as will go to hell, however i pray for their hidayat but since i am seeing them on wrong path, can I believe that with this faith they will be in Jahannam

1- No, we don’t say that all others will go to Jahannam. Those who see the truth, know the truth and stubbornly reject the truth deserve to go to Jahannam. But those who didn’t really see the truth and didn’t really know will either be forgiven by Allah or retested. And good Sunni Muslims who didn’t really see the truth and didn’t have any hatred for the Ahlulbayt (a) will receive the Shafa’a of the Prophet (s).

2- Yes, the Shafa’a of the Prophet can include them.

3- What is meant is that those other 72 sects are wrong and deviant. It doesn’t mean that all their followers go to Jahannam, as some of the followers may be completely ignorant. Yes, we should teach our children that only our sect is on the right path and other sects have deviated from the pure path of Allah.

4- You can believe that if they stubbornly reject the truth after seeing it then they deserve to go to Jahannam then this is ok. But to believe that all of them will definitely go to hell regardless of their circumstances is not ok.