I have 5 days left from last Ramadan, and also 5 more days from 2017. How am I supposed to pay kaffara? Also I don’t know where I can pay kaffara. I live in Denmark and there are no poor people here. I can send them to some family I’ve got in Afghanistan, but it’s gonna be after a month. I recently heard that for every day that passes I have to pay kaffara for the days that passed too. So I’d like to pay them today, but I dont know where and how I can do that. Would I still have to pay the extra kaffara if I can’t send the money on time?

First you pay qadha of 2017 and as you mentioned that there some from last year those you may pay after the holy month of Ramadhan. Now issue of kaffara; you can send the money to your home town or the place where you can find poor people. These days it has become very easy. You may send in minutes by net banking or western union or other legal method of transferring money to overseas. If for some reason you were unable to send in the month of Ramadhan Ul Mubarak you don’t need to pay any extra amount.